payroll accounting

As a modern employer, you can use digital administration to design a clear and efficient personnel management system. We can support you in doing so. Employment contracts, payroll accounting, time accounts and employee data are recorded through fully digital processes, then provided to the authorized personnel. This entirely eliminates the need for paper-based personnel files.

You as an employer benefit from these optimized processes, alongside your employees. Required documents are easier to find and quicker to process. Administrative tasks can be completed more easily. In addition, we provide you evaluations from Human Resources conveniently online, ensuring the highest security standards.

How we support you:

  • Digital personnel files
  • Online evaluations (employer and employee)
  • Digital recording of personal master and transaction data
  • Import from previous systems (such as time recording systems)

We think holistically

We offer an outstanding network to help find the optimal solution for you. This allows us to provide you with comprehensive advising, and consult with an interdisciplinary expert council on specialized questions. Learn more about the other RLT Group companies here.

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