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Not too long ago, doing away with paper in the accounting department was almost unthinkable. But all of this has changed in the course of digitization. The advantage of this change for you is more efficient work processes that make your everyday work significantly easier.

In many cases, receipts and documents exist only in digital form, or are digitized very quickly. Digital archiving and storage allows users to access and exchange this data directly and securely via optimized search functions. Whether from the office, a home office, or a vacation apartment, employees can access files when they need them. Manual sorting of invoices and documents is eliminated. Payment transactions are accessed from the bank in digital format, then booked quickly and efficiently.

In addition, the need to deliver documents is eliminated. Simplifying the exchange of information means we have key documents at hand at all times, so that we can better support you.

Do you want to benefit from the advantages of digital ledgers? We can help you implement and optimize digital processes. Competent. Individual. And personal.

How we support you:

Data available in digital form no longer needs to be manually recorded. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding digital ledgers.

Efficiently import bank account turnover, with simple transfer into your accounting processes

Easily import revenue data from digital payment service providers such as PayPal, Amazon Pay and TransferWise

Link existing systems, such as POS systems, enterprise resource planning systems or inventory accounting to the digital accounting software

Business assessments, including proof of valuation for VAT returns, summary notification and special VAT advance payments, as well as evaluations for cost accounting

We think holistically

We offer an outstanding network to help find the optimal solution for you. This allows us to provide you with comprehensive advising, and consult with an interdisciplinary expert council on specialized questions. Learn more about the other RLT Group companies here.

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