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The digital revolution continues to advance. The ways people work, communication, and manage and process information, are also changing. But what does all of this mean for you as a business owner?

The digital transformation is also creating new opportunities. In accounting, in particular, everyday processes and procedures are becoming much simpler. This saves time and frees up capacity that can be used for more important tasks, such as new business ideas. In addition, digital solutions help you save costs, remain competitive, and act with a focus on the future, both domestically and abroad.

At RLT tbs, we are happy to support you on all questions related to digitization, with individual and personal advising. We take a holistic view, and access the expertise of the overall RLT group as needed. The result: Optimal solutions that truly fit you and your company.

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The future of accounting is digital. We help you use new technologies efficiently.

Digital financial accounting

Mountains of file folders. Piles of paperwork. Stacks and stacks of dusty records. All just a relic of the past. Learn how you can digitize and optimize your business processes.

Digital payroll accounting

Benefit from secure and quick handling of payroll accounting, through an online, paperless process.

Additional modules

From payment transactions to dunning to controlling – we support you with the latest technology and up-to-date tools.

Corporate Address

Are you an international entrepreneur looking to found or invest in a company? We can support you from the initial phase of creating your company. Learn how here.

Corporate Secretary

Our administrative team is happy to act as your corporate secretary. We are discrete, reliable, and responsible.

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Paperless accounting

Your advantages at a glance

The digital transformation has permanently changed the accounting field. While companies previously had to collect, manage, and store all documents and receipts in paper form, today they can exchange, process and archive them digitally on cloud platforms. Often, documents are processed without (much) human intervention at all. And those piles of paperwork? Nowhere to be found.

Analog financial accounting –
identifying risks

  • Receipts, documents and files that are kept in paper form need to be sorted, stored, and delivered when needed. This all costs time and money, and is not necessarily an optimal use of your employees’ capacity. Available areas of potential are not realized.
  • Exchanging information in analog form is more time intensive and bound to a specific location. Availability to individual employees plays a larger role and complicates work processes, for instance if multiple colleagues need to access the same document.
  • Additional storage space and office materials such as paper, folders, toner and printers generate costs that could be saved.

Digital financial accounting –
tap into the potential

Simplified ledgers

Automatic fulfillment of retention periods and access to all documents and receipts
at all times

Optimized business processes

Reducing workloads through streamlined processes,
additional business assessment possibilities thanks to increased transparency

Work not tied to a specific timeline or location

Simplified exchange of information on an everyday basis and during audits

Protected data

Secure storage and transmission of information

Cost savings

Potential savings for printing, shipping and storage costs

Efficient search functions

Quickly find relevant files

We think holistically

We offer an outstanding network to help find the optimal solution for you. This allows us to provide you with comprehensive advising, and consult with an interdisciplinary expert council on specialized questions. Learn more about the other RLT Group companies here.

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