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Tax advisory services regarding corporate structures

Organizational structures taking into account tax aspects have a major impact on both the corporate and personal responsibilities and thus must be adapted to reflect the clients' needs. In particular small and medium-sized companies require a holistic approach. Long-term consulting services by the same advisors and the wide-ranging know-how of more than 100 employees are the basis of our approach to provide you with customized solutions throughout the service portfolio. Thus, we focus on pragmatic solutions - depending on whether they relate to the entrepreneur, the enterprise or both.

We offer in particular:


  • Choice of the legal form and change of the legal form
  • Restructuring of companies and groups
  • Assistance in reorganizations
  • Implementation of hybrid companies


  • Choice of location
  • Transfer pricing concepts and documentation
  • VAT consulting services in international merchandise and service transactions
  • Group financing


  • (Tax) due diligence
  • Tax planning for enterprises, in mergers and strategic alliances
  • Designing a transaction structure, including a post-acquisition integration concept
  • Support in contract negotiations


  • Consulting services relating to succession/establishment of foundations
  • Support in tax audits
  • Representation in fiscal court proceedings and in the German Fiscal Supreme Court


The perfect team for your goals

Customized and personal consulting services at their best—that is the philosophy of our firm. Thus, we also employ highly qualified and skilled staff. Periodic advance trainings are a common benefit at our company. That way you will receive services provided by qualified employees who have up-to-date knowledge and the expertise to significantly minimize your business and personal tax and levy charges by providing efficient structures.

Optimized results keeping in mind the respective challenge

Structural consulting
The choice of the legal form or also the change of the legal form require thorough and detailed structural consulting services. This also includes aspects that are not tax-related. We assess potential risks and eliminate those risks, if need be by obtaining binding information from the fiscal authorities. We design a tax-optimized and economically appropriate structure for your enterprise, taking into account various options for financing.

Transaction-related consulting services
We operate as entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. You need a sparring partner in particular in the field of transaction-related consulting. People with personality, experience and the relevant expertise are needed. We offer an independent assessment and have the courage to discuss even those topics that are unpleasant.

We provide solutions on an international level

International taxation
Not only large corporations operate internationally—small and medium-sized companies operate at a multinational level as well. We have the required knowledge of international tax laws to optimize your (group) tax rate appropriately.

We have access to the expertise and experience of our international colleagues at all times via the international MGI alliance. A high level of expertise and direct involvement of partners are common in this alliance as well. That way we design customized solutions in your international issues.

The cross-border exchange of merchandise and services results in special requirements. In particular the VAT/sales tax aspects are subject to complex regulations and stringent form requirements.

Intercompany transfer prices are disputes by the fiscal authorities on a regular basis. In order to prepare you well, we analyze the appropriateness of your transfer pricing system and its documentation, taking into account the requirements set forth by the Profit Recording Regulations. Upon your request, we also assist you in the adjustment or even the redesign of feasible and reliable concepts and documentations.

Holistic perspective. Integrated thought process. Specialist know-how.

Consulting services in exceptional cases
Our consulting services focus on consistency and the long-term goals of our clients. We have a thought process that covers several generations. We understand your perspective and prepare farsighted solutions, e.g. in the field of succession and transfer of assets.

We offer comprehensive consulting services in the field of succession, from the first preliminary measures to the final integration and on-the-job training of the new management. In addition to income tax aspects, we naturally focus on minimizing inheritance or gift taxes as well. It would be our pleasure to assist you in the sustained protection of existing estate by establishing a multi-generational foundation.

Disputes with the fiscal authorities, in particular in the course of tax audits, require more than routine consulting services. We acquire an in-depth understanding of the matter at hand in order to analyze the issues and circumstances from each perspective and take into account each approach. That is how we assist you in asserting your interests.

When and if there are reasonable indications that you will prevail in continuing disputes, we also assist you in a professional and competent manner in fiscal court and Fiscal Supreme Court proceedings.

We want to guide our clients to success—challenge us!



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