RLT Ruhrmann Tieben & Partner mbB - IT- und Systemprüfung, Interne Revision

IT and system reviews/internal review

Nowadays, modern information technology (IT) is a major element of each enterprise. The vast majority of business processes is usually IT-supported. Only if the IT systems work smoothly can your enterprise run efficiently as well.

Being an auditing firm, our subsidiary RLT IT- und Systempruefung GmbH specializes in the review of modern accounting systems and business processes. It combines the know-how of traditional auditing and modern IT review methods.

By means of modern audit methods, we provide the following services:

Project-related reviews (e. g. introduction of ERP systems, IDW PS 850)

  • Review of the project organization
  • Review of the project stages

Software certificates (IDW PS 880)

  • Criteria-based approach
  • Review of the development environment and program functions
  • Follow-up review

Outsourcing (IDW PS 951)

  • Review of the outsourcing agreement
  • Audit of the service providers' internal control system

Review of the archiving systems

  • Generally accepted accounting standards for the use of electronic archiving procedures

Data analyses

  • Integration of data analysis as a review method
  • Data analysis in case fraud is suspected

Internal review

  • Support in internal review or full assignment to us

Process analyses

  • Analysis of the business processes and identification of potentials

IT consulting and security checks


For further information go to the website of our subsidiary RLT IT- und Systempruefung GmbH Wirtschaftspruefungsgesellschaft.

IT and system review with practical value added

In our IT and system reviews we familiarize ourselves with the respective segment in a systematic and efficient manner and analyze the IT systems and processes of our clients. If so requested, we limit our review to selected processes.

We focus on small and medium-sized companies: We keep in mind the specific requirements and problems of smaller and medium-sized companies and do not simply point out errors, but rather specific solutions. Thus, we do not only present our audit findings, but also provide information in particular on enhancement potentials.

Risk management in IT projects

Our experience from the review of various IT systems and their introduction makes us the ideal partner for you when it comes to managing and minimizing risks in your IT projects.

The introduction of holistic ERP systems and the transition of the business processes to the IT systems are activities that require special know-how in terms of the corresponding IT systems and the regulations related thereto. Only a holistic perspective will ensure that the systems and processes to be introduced will eventually meet the requirements. Also those of the auditors. We have an eye on the small and medium-sized businesses and adjust the requirements as needed and required.

Internal review

In the course of an internal review, we review whether the processes introduced at the company that in many cases are IT-supported are also implemented and applied as required and specified. For this purpose, we analyze your processes, point out potentials and ensure that you can rest assured that your company can function best in accordance with the parameters you set.

We provide solutions for optimized business processes. Call us!

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