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Current tax advisory services

Trusting in our services in the fields of current tax consulting, our clients can entirely focus on their core business. We get up close and personal with our clients' business and personal challenges. We offer in particular the following services to entrepreneurs, freelancers, non-profit organizations and individuals:

  • Compilation of financial statements in accordance with the professional standards for public accountants and, if any, plausibility checks or comprehensive assessments Consulting services regarding accounting matters and the exercising of accounting elections
  • Public disclosure of financial statements
  • Statements of comprehensive income
  • Preparation of corporate and personal tax returns
  • Filing of the e-balance sheet with the fiscal authorities
  • Review of tax assessment notes


After the end of a financial year, we prepare your financial statements or statements of comprehensive income, as well as all corporate and personal tax returns based on the accounting. Upon your request, we provide all services relating to you meeting your obligations to record, from the timely preparation and electronic filing of the tax returns, the monitoring of the assessment process and the review of the tax assessment notes to notifying you about due payments, both your personal payments and those of your company. In this respect, we always keep in mind the most recent developments in order to have advance tax payments reduced in a timely manner and avoid any strain on your liquidity.

RLT stands for reliability and trust. Our clients, the fiscal authorities and the banks in our region are aware of this fact.

The partner principle - Your benefit

You have one partner at our office that is your direct contact. At our Group, entrepreneurs render consulting services to entrepreneurs. Another employee is available as an additional contact for you. We render our consulting service based on the client's perspective and understanding. At the same time, we assume the responsibility of a sparring partner and assist in a sustained implementation of corporate decisions.

Highly qualified and skilled workers provide customized consulting services

RLT stands for quality. Therefore, we focus on highly qualified and skilled workers. Periodic advance trainings are a common benefit at our company. That way, you will receive consulting services provided by qualified employees who have up-to-date knowledge and the expertise in the fields of accounting and taxes, as well as business management. In addition, we notify you, our client, periodically about relevant changes.

You wish to focus on your business and not on troublesome administrative activities? We offer a wide range of services in this segment - Call us!

Feel free to contact us at any time, we are here to help:

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