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Corporate auditing

Our corporate auditing activities focus on the audit of financial statements and consolidated financial statements and other financial reports. Our fair and objective audit opinions create trust and ensure the necessary reliability. You as an entrepreneur can only make the right decisions and pave the way for the future success of your company if you can base these decisions on reliable information.

We offer the following services:

Statutory and voluntary audits

  • Audit of financial statements and consolidated financial statements (German GAAP/IFRS), also of financial service providers (factoring and leasing companies) and non-profit organizations
  • Reviews of financial statements and pro forma disclosures
  • Performance of agreed-upon audit procedures
  • Audits in the course of incorporations, conversions, mergers and other special audits
  • Audit in accordance with German Real Estate Agent and Commercial Construction Industry Ordinance (MaBV)
  • Review of letters of representation relating to distributed packaging ("Gruener Punkt" or "DSD")
  • Audit of quality assurance procedure in public accounting ("peer review")
  • Preparation of certificates regarding the compliance with financial covenants

Audit-related services

  • Introduction and review of risk management and early-risk warning systems
  • Review of the compliance with complex contractual provisions and terms and conditions (e.g. those of procurement and sales agreements).
  • Audit of business processes and internal control systems
  • Transition of the accounting to IFRS
  • Preparation/review of reorganization concepts


Your value added resulting from the RLT audit

Our experience from the consulting services we have rendered to small and medium-sized family-owned businesses—combined with our personality as an entrepreneur—make us an on par partner for you.

The continuous cooperation and long-term consulting services provided by the same advisors ensures a detailed understanding of your company and its ever changing economic and legal environment. Thus, we are a suitable sparring partner and assist in the sustained and long-term implementation of corporate decisions, also across generations. In this respect, we focus on pragmatic solutions and apply a holistic approach.

We provide you with an independent assessment and have the courage to discuss even those topics that are unpleasant.

We stand for reliability and trust.

About one third of the employees are qualified tax consultants and/or auditors. This is well above the industry average. We have a wide-ranging know-how so that we are able to provide answers to questions of any degree of complexity.

Our name stands for quality. Our clients and the banks in the region are aware of this. Thus, our high quality standard has been confirmed on numerous occasions in external review by independent first of public accountants.

We rely on modern audit methods

We conduct our reviews and audits based on the most recent audit approaches and by means of highly sophisticated audit software. This ensures the required accuracy of the audits and we have to involve you and your employees in the actual audit activities only to the extent absolutely necessary. Personal communication between you and our partners and employees remains the basis of our activities.

Furthermore, we use data analysis procedures in our reviews and audits that the fiscal authorities use also. Thus, our audit activities focus on the key issues and we work efficiently without unnecessarily consuming your resources.

We provide solutions on an international level

Not only large corporations operate internationally—small and medium-sized companies operate at a multinational level as well. Via the MGI alliance, we provide you with customized solutions in this respect. As a result of the practical cooperation, our involvement in the committees and our participation in international events held by the MGI alliance, we maintain solid and resilient relations with our local colleagues. Thus, we ensure that both you and we have access to a high level of expertise and professional cooperation with the partners, also at an international level.

We render our services in a one-stop shopping approach

In particular family-owned small and medium-sized companies require a holistic perspective and not isolated approaches of individual aspects, e.g. the audit. The holistic approach is the basis of our purpose. Hence, you can rest assured that you will receive customized solutions throughout the service portfolio of RLT, both nationally and internationally. This is how we intend to guide our clients to success.

You expect more than simply an independent auditor's report? We are the ideal partner for you—challenge us!

Feel free to contact us at any time, we are here to help:

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