RLT Ruhrmann Tieben & Partner mbB - Betriebswirtschaftliche Beratung und Corporate Finance Solutions

Business consulting and corporate finance solutions

At RLT, business consulting services are also rendered in the "from one entrepreneur to another" approach. You have one partner at our office that is your direct contact. Another employee is available as an additional contact for you. We render our consulting service based on the client's perspective and understanding. At the same time, we assume the responsibility of a sparring partner and assist in a sustained implementation of corporate decisions.

We will provide you with pragmatic solutions for matters of any degree of complexity. We provide those solutions using the one-stop approach and applying the partner principle.

Overview of our services:

  • Investment controlling
  • Consulting services relating to financing
  • Financial communication
  • Consulting services relating to subsidies and grants
  • Consulting services relating to corporate ratings—We prepare you for negotiations with banks
  • Investment and cost accounting
  • Reorganization consulting
  • Support in the incorporation of enterprises


If you have very specific questions, the service portfolio offered by our subsidiary RLT corporate finance solutions GmbH will provide answers as well.

Here, we also apply the partner principle: The partner assigned to all your projects will also be the contact in these assignments. As members of the team, our colleagues at our subsidiary assist us with their specialist know-how. This way we also ensure that you receive top quality services.

The service portfolio of RLT corporate finance solutions GmbH includes in particular:

Corporate valuation/due diligence audits

  • Expert reports on corporate valuations including capital cost computations (beta factors and base interest rate)
  • Fairness opinions
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Measurement of intangible assets

M&A consulting

  • Acquisition and sale of companies. investments and operations
  • Management buy-out and management buy-in
  • Financial and tax due diligence
  • Coordination of the entire transaction process
  • Preparation and coordination of (digital) datarooms
  • Support in purchase price negotiations

Financial planning and controlling

  • IFP model plans (integrated planning of balance sheets, income statement, as well as liquidity)
  • Business model concepts
  • Management consulting services regarding the design and implementation of
    customized controlling concepts, as well as risk and business procedure management

RLT Corporate Check-up

  • Corporate Check-up—Precautionary check-up
  • Cost-efficient analysis tool for the identification of enhancement potentials


For further information go to the website of our subsidiary RLT corporate finance solutions GmbH.

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