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We also resolve international challenges for our clients.

The world is growing smaller. RLT joined the organization in late 2005 in order to strengthen our international contacts; following a merger, it has been registered as MGI Association since early 2020, and supports companies all over the world with more than 400 firms in over 100 countries.

The newly formed organization, to which the partner organization MGI Worldwide makes an important contribution, continues the collaboration between legally independent auditing, tax advising and consulting companies that has existed for over 70 years. At the same time, the extended range and capacity of the organization also allows members to address new ideas and new trends. We help shape the future of MGI Association through participating in boards, and strengthen our contacts through regularly taking part in international events staged by the organization.

MGI Association offers all of its members an open knowledge and communication forum. All of the companies, however, maintain their autonomy and continue to focus on their local sphere and their individual client portfolio.

Current information on our recommendation network is available on the MGI Association website at www.mgiassociation.com.

International partnership

Through integrating partners directly, MGI Association partners ensure high quality standards are met in all areas. This allows members to concentrate primarily on building intensive client relationships based on uniquely individualized and personal advising from local contact partners. Regular regional and international conferences, discussion groups and communication forums have helped forge solid personal contacts between like-minded members all over the world.

Entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

As our client, you can continue turning to us with the knowledge that our engagement in the association helps us ensure the quality of advising you expect on an international level as well – thanks to correct assessments of issues and recommendations for appropriate experts.

Just like us, our MGI Association partners are entrepreneurs. And they help us act in the smartest, most economical way possible to utilize opportunities and avoid risks.