RLT Group mission statement and history

Six corporate values that shape us and our work

At RLT, we pursue a clearly defined goal: We want you to be successful, and to concentrate on what is truly important to you. We achieve this goal through a clear and reliable focus – a focus that makes us stand out, and makes us a partner you can trust. We developed our mission statement on this basis. Think of it as our value proposition to you, founded on six basic principles, which shapes everything we think and do.

01. Personality

Company owners, especially if they are involved in operational management, need both a sense of responsibility and the ability to make good decisions. They want advising from an equal partner – based on personal, service, backed up by relevant expertise and experience, an independent perspective, and the courage to address even the most difficult topics.

02. Continuity

Success founded in tradition: The family-owned, mid-sized business segment in Germany is a model for how to build lasting values. Because of this, we focus on the long-term goals of our clients, and take a multi-generational approach to our work. At our firm, continuity in thought and action are underscored by consistency in client advising. We ensure the same firm partners are available to build long-term advising relationships.

03. Entrepreneurship

We are entrepreneurs, working for the needs of entrepreneurs. This means that We take on responsibility, acting as a sparring partner and helping our clients implement corporate decisions successfully, for the long-term. We understand the perspective of our clients, which is why we follow the RLT partner principle: Each client always has one firm partner to serve as their direct, ongoing contact person.

04. Holistic approach

Complex issues require a holistic approach – especially for the family-owned, mid-sized business segment. From corporate succession to changes to the company or ownership structure, or managing large assets and holdings: We deliver an entire spectrum of custom-tailored solutions, both nationally and internationally.

05. Solutionorientation

What we know is not important – but rather, what our clients need to resolve their problems with our support. We focus on good, pragmatic results based on the perspective of the current challenge – regardless of whether it affects the business owner, the enterprise, or both.

06. Proximity

Great advising is built on relationships – not only a deep understanding of the challenges facing corporate leadership, but also an intimate knowledge of the regional and intellectual backdrop where our clients are situated. As a leading auditing and tax advising firm in the Rhine-Ruhr region, we live out this principle, which forms the foundation of our corporate success. Our home is NRW, North-Rhine Westphalia. However, we feel most at home wherever our clients’ goals lie.

The RLT partner principle

The majority of our clients are entrepreneurs. They are the ones making critical decisions, and they need an advising partner that not only understands those decisions, but can explain what they would decide in the same situation.

Personal and individual advising is the name of the game.

That is why RLT follows the partner principle. This means that each client receives personal advising from at least one partner. This close relationship with our customers clearly differentiates us from our biggest competitors. Your contact person is intimately familiar with your individual situation, and can rely on the expertise of our entire competence network if complex questions come up. This results in efficient and custom-tailored solutions – from entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Our company history

In a market environment where the only constant is change, sound experience and flexibility are both essential to the future viability and success of a company.

We grow from the tasks and challenges of our clients – as we have been for over 60 years. Family-owned, mid-sized enterprises in particular value this continuity, and the experience we have been using to resolve specific challenges for decades, and in some cases generations.

The history of RLT began in 1958, when the company was founded as Ruhr Lippe Treuhand GmbH, known as RLT for short today. The vision when the enterprise was founded was to offer individual advising and support to decision-makers in family-owned, mid-sized businesses. We are still carrying out that vision today.

As RLT grew, its responsibilities were distributed across an ever-growing group of stakeholders as it continuously expanded its range of advising and auditing services. Today, RLT is led by three Managing Directors and eleven partners.

The following is an overview of key milestones. Join with us, and create new ones.