Software verifications
– IDW PS 880

A software verification in accordance with auditing standard IDW PS 880 (“Auditing software products”) is essential to confirm that IT applications and software products are working properly. We issue this verification for overall systems after auditing the program functions and system-based controls for effectiveness, along with the development environment and process.

This provides you, as the business owner, the security of knowing that your software solutions are working efficiently and that you are complying with statutory requirements. Furthermore, this helps reduce the costs for IT system audits, since both the IT auditor and annual auditor can base their findings on the software verification in accordance with IDW PS 880. This is also a major advantage for our professional auditing colleagues.

The software verification we issue can serve as an additional quality attribute for software manufacturers, which they can use to market their products. This verification helps them ensure their products conform to applicable requirements. By doing so, we help identify and correct any potential quality defects or malfunctions.

Our services:

  • Auditing based on defined criteria (such as compliance requirements and statutory basic criteria)
  • Auditing of the development environment and development process
  • Auditing the appropriateness of program functions (audit of suitability based on the criteria to be fulfilled)
  • Auditing program functions to ensure they are working properly (audit of effectiveness based on the criteria to be fulfilled)
  • Follow-up audits with a reduced scope in case of updates

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