Auditing internal
controlling systems

In a time of increasing digitization and constant economic change, it is extremely important that companies are able to adapt quickly and flexibly to changes, and minimize risks as far as possible. The company’s internal controlling system (ICS) plays a central role in corporate monitoring.

An effective ICS ensures that all key business processes run as well as possible, helping to identify risks promptly and react to them appropriately. This is why ongoing reviews are so essential. This applies not only to all organizational and technical regulations but also, for instance, to the level of knowledge among your workforce.

We can support you and your employees in the course of internal controlling audits, in particular in assessing automatic controls. In doing so, we provide you with a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and risks associated with using information technology in corporate monitoring systems, helping you utilize areas of potential and clear up uncertainties. We audit your IT security, support you in IT risk management, and advise you in the course of digitizing your business processes.

Furthermore, we advise you in ongoing optimizations of your organizational processes and in improving the efficiency of your controlling systems. This allows you as the business owner to reduce costs, for a clear competitive advantage.

Are you an auditor? Our specialists can support you on request in auditing the internal controlling systems of your clients.

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Inventory of processes and IT systems used

Risk-oriented audit of the internal controlling system to ensure compliance and effectiveness

Completing risk analyses

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