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Minimize risks. Ensure quality. These are the objectives of project-specific auditing. Whether you are introducing an ERP system, changing your financial reporting system or integrating enterprise resource planning or production controlling systems – updating your IT landscape and introducing new IT systems requires a high level of qualified expertise. We support you in adapting, merging or developing new IT systems and processes.

During the course of project-specific audits, we also provide additional quality assurance, and consider relevant compliance requirements. If you involve us early on in the process, we can begin by auditing concepts to identify any potential negative developments before they cause problems. As specialists, we are able to identify project risks early on and avoid or reduce them. By doing so, we also ensure that your new system landscape conforms to regulatory requirements and the requirements of your annual financial statement.

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Certification that an audit has been completed successfully in accordance with IDW PS 850 also streamlines the process for auditing the annual financial statement – for example by introducing accounting-relevant software. As an auditor, you can base your findings on the results of the review, without having to handle the work yourself.

Furthermore, migration of older data poses unique requirements, often extending beyond the normal bounds of an annual financial statement audit. We support auditors in reviewing these migration projects, which is required to complete a proper year-end audit in such cases.

We audit your IT projects

Auditing of project organization

Auditing project phases (reviewing the project definition, project objectives and project plan)

  • Development and set-up phase (auditing technical concepts, requirement and technical specification manuals and development processes)
  • Testing phase (test concepts, test implementation and troubleshooting)
  • Go live phase (migration, integration into the existing controlling system)

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