Process documentation

We are happy to prepare process documentation for you in accordance with the GoBD (Principles for proper management and storage of ledgers, records and documents in electronic form and data access), or act at your contact partner should you want to prepare these documents yourself. Furthermore, we hold GoBD workshops and review existing process documentation (GoBD check) to ensure it is compliant, including with the requirements of the GDPR.

Seamless process documentation reduces the length of the company audit, thereby improving the general audit climate. After an inventory, we list any necessary or missing documents for you, then support you in preparing these using efficient solutions, for instance an intelligent template with sample modules.

Added value through transparency

Our services:

  • Preparing process documentation in accordance with the GoBD
  • IT documentation
  • Holding GoBD workshops
  • Auditing existing process documentation
  • Support in ongoing updates and maintenance of process documentation
  • Identifying potential improvements

As part of IT documentation, we summarize existing documentation on IT systems, IT-supported business processes and interfaces, etc. This helps us provide you with a clear overview of all processes and a better understanding of the software solutions your company uses.

In doing so, we place a high level of value on clarity, as the information collected during process documentation always contains potential areas of improvement. Our process landscape is an optimal way to illustrate key information.

This has many different benefits, such as improving internal controlling mechanisms, ensuring faster access to relevant documents, regulating actions in a uniform way during emergencies, or simplifying software and release changes.

However, transparent processes also improve communication among employees, facilitate more autonomous and more secure work, and simplify training of new colleagues.

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