Process analyses

We support you in completing an objective analysis of your IT systems and business processes. Our services include reviewing and auditing the internal controlling system (ICS), identifying areas of potential and risks within your company, and improving your IT security and preparing fraud analyses.

As processes become more automated and as paper-based documents are eliminated, assessments of underlying IT systems and controls related to the year-end audit are becoming increasingly important. In particular with large quantities of data and complex IT systems, process audits are almost unavoidable.

We assess existing IT systems, processes and controls (both manual and IT-supported). If necessary, we visualize the results in the form of BPMN process diagrams. Missing and redundant controls are identified, and the effectiveness of controls is reviewed.

With this diagram, we provide you a clear overview of relevant processes and their weaknesses. Of course, we also provide suggestions on how to correct these as well. Furthermore, we identify measures to help you improve efficiency, and are happy to help you digitize previously manual processes.

Our services:

Assessing underlying IT systems and the internal controlling system (ICS) in the course of the year-end audit

Overview of all relevant processes

Improving your IT security

Fraud prevention

Support in digitizing and optimizing processes

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