IT security checks

The digital revolution continues to pose new challenges for company IT security systems. As digitization advances, as networking increases, and as the dependency on information and communication technology grows, the risk of suffering hacking attacks also increases. 75% of German companies indicated, for instance, that they have been affected by cyber-criminality within the last 2 years (

Damages resulting, for example, from industrial espionage, illegal data access or manipulation, are usually devastating and result in the loss of essential data, as well as the competitiveness of and trust in the company. Companies that do not work to maintain their IT security are exposed to a significant level of risk.

That is why our experts place your protection first, and assess the current security situation within your IT infrastructure. In doing so, we analyze weak points and help you eliminate them. We continuously review the measures defined for prevention, detection, and correction, supplementing these with penetration tests conducted by specialized partners.

Our services:

  • Assessing the current security situation of the IT infrastructure within the company
  • IT security check
  • Selecting and carrying out penetration tests
  • Reviewing security measures defined for prevention, detection and correction

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