Almost every company today uses digital solutions. The individual systems and processes need to function correctly and properly, not only because this is required by law, but also to ensure that all business processes can be handled efficiently. However, often an audit of existing IT to ensure it is up-to-date with no weak points or risks requires special expertise. We at RLT are happy to help you.

As your partner, we can support you in planning and carrying out IT audits. We identify risks early on, evaluate them, and develop counter-measures to address them. In addition, we support and advise you in introducing new IT systems as well, ensuring compliance with applicable guidelines and regulations in the IT system landscape area as part of IT compliance. Furthermore, we support you on IT certification processes.

Do you own a business? Evaluating your IT and reviewing underlying processes and controlling mechanisms brings with it tremendous opportunities. We work to motivate our clients, so that they can notably increase efficiency and effectiveness within their companies. We provide you with personal advising, and develop custom-tailored solutions.

Or, are you an auditor who needs expert advice, but don’t yet have IT specialists within your firm? Please contact us for help with your audits. We can answer any questions you may have regarding IT and IT security. As an auditing firm focused on IT and system audits, we can provide you with optimal support.

Our services:

  • Support in planning and carrying out IT projects
  • Business process analysis
  • Workshops on process documentation
  • Internal audit
  • and many more

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