Data analyses

Whenever very large and complex quantities of data need to be collected and evaluated, commonly used data processing methods can be insufficient. Extremely large quantities of information that is unstructured or only loosely structured are not utilized efficiently. This makes it impossible to tape into valuable sources of information. In addition, problems with data quality may be discovered late or not at all, without the use of comprehensive data analysis. This can pose major risks for companies who are making fundamental decisions based on these figures.

Digital data analyses facilitate the targeted preparation of information, and make it easier to evaluate. They allow important information to be recorded precisely and presented in an easy-to-understand fashion. In addition to the classic application of bulk transactions, digital data analyses are often used in risk orientation and planning, audits of internal controlling systems, and auditing procedures of plausible relationships.

Often, specific problems may come up during the annual financial statement, such as in the area of valuating inventories and receivables. An analysis of processing regulations in the IT system, or preparing individual reports based on available bulk data can provide security for the annual financial statement. Applications include, for instance, controlling the parameters saved for a range analysis, establishing the lowest value principle, or an age structural analysis of receivables.

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