Auditing in accordance
with IT – IDW PS 330

Digitization shapes almost all corporate processes today. The internal controlling system of a company today can no longer be restricted to just organizational controls; instead, it is increasingly reliant on the efficiency and security of automated controls. We are happy to help you, and regularly confirm that all processes and systems involved are working properly through a final audit. The audit in accordance with IDW PS 330 guarantees professional and statutory criteria are met, ensuring high-quality audit results.

Our experts combine expertise in auditing with modern IT and system auditing methods. We include current developments in our assessment, and prepare an individual audit plan based on our inventory. This allows the audit to be conducted based on a risk-oriented approach, and to consider the complexity of existing accounting systems.

Your benefit as a business owner? We support you in completing your annual financial statement, and prepare all key information on your IT system landscape in an easy-to-understand way. If we identify risks, we help you assess and minimize them by developing suggested solutions. You benefit from maximum security and efficiency.

Your benefit as an auditor? Our specialists are happy to advise you on all questions related to the use of IT in corporate environments. We can support you in taking an inventory of IT systems, completing a risk-oriented audit depending on their complexity, and preparing a multi-year plan. As your professional colleague, we achieve results that you will be able to utilize.

Our services:

Inventory of IT systems

Assessment of complexity by the IT auditor

Risk-oriented audit of the IT systems

Information on risks and suggested measures

IT assessment

  • IT infrastructure (security, logical access controls, data back-ups, normal operation, emergency operation)
  • IT applications
  • IT development
  • Archiving
  • Outsourcing
  • IT monitoring systems

GoBD: Proper design of the IT system for accounting purposes

The German Federal Ministry of Finance revised the “Principles for proper management and storage of ledgers, records and documents in electronic form and data access (GoBD)” once again last year, providing further detail. The GoBD regulates requirements for the proper design of IT systems, which apply to both large and small companies for accounting purposes.

RLT IT & system auditing is happy to advise you on any questions you may have, or if you need consulting.

What we offer you:

Audit of the POS system equipment and associated processes

Audit of process documentation or support in preparing this documentation

Auditing the archiving solution or archiving processes

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