IT and system auditing: ensure high performance, tap into open potential

RLT IT- und Systemprüfung GmbH is the auditing firm of the RLT Group specialized in IT matters. The company combines the expertise of classic auditing with modern IT auditing methods and testing systems and business processes – with a clear focus on the mid-sized business segment.

01. IT – Basis for optimized business processes

Modern information technology is a key part of every company today. It serves as the foundation for efficient organization and for establishing business processes that function smoothly; in many cases, these are implemented fully via IT. The information technology used also needs to fulfill a range of regulatory requirements. We review whether IT systems meet statutory standards, as well as if they conform to the business owner’s specifications. In doing so, we value clear, easy-to-understand communication and we identify potential areas of improvement.

02. Security for your annual financial statement

As IT becomes more important to companies, an audit of accounting-related IT systems is essential today for preparing annual financial statements. Increasing complexity is placing ever higher demands on such audits. In light of this, we have expanded our area of IT auditing, and have combined and extended our years of expertise on auditing IT systems into the company RLT IT- und Systemprüfung GmbH. This allows us to ensure that IT-supported accounting processes are completed properly, that IT systems are secure, and that statutory requirements are upheld in the course of the audit.

03. National and international auditing standards

Our IT audit is based on the specifications of the Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer in Deutschland e.V. (IDW – Institute of Public Auditors in Germany) This allows us to ensure that data processing is carried out correctly for accounting purposes when using IT (IDW PS 330), facilitate smooth processes in auditing internal controlling systems both domestically and abroad (IDW PS 951 and its international counterpart, ISAE 3402), and act as your competent partner in project-specific audits, such as introducing ERP systems (IDW PS 850). Furthermore, we offer audits of new software products or updates (IDW PS 880), review the security of your IT infrastructure (IT audit), and confirm that your corporate standards, and your employees’ knowledge base, are up to date (IT certification).

We think in terms of solutions

We offer a broad range of services to companies. We always take a holistic view of every requirement, in light of the tasks and personnel situation involved. We analyze your processes, illuminate areas of potential, and give you the security of knowing your company is running optimally and efficiently.

RLT is a specialist auditing firm ready to provide you with comprehensive advising and support on all IT-related questions.

Our experience – Your added value

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