Comprehensive asset strategy

At the Family Office, we offer a comprehensive asset strategy.

Our goal is to work with our clients to develop and implement a comprehensive, long-term overall asset strategy that fulfills the highest quality standards. We offer deep and specialized expertise in all significant asset classes, and have access to investor groups that are not available to all investors.

We develop a suggestion for you, based on your personal profit and risk preferences, for allocating your overall assets, and support you in implementing the asset strategy. We are obligated only to uphold your interests, with no dependencies on any third parties. In addition, we deliver a notable reduction in fees.

Regularly prepared overall asset reports create transparency, and allow you to make good decisions over the long-term – even in the face of dynamic market developments. This helps us secure your assets for future generations as well.

Real estate – an interesting investment

Real estate can be an attractive investment. Low interest rates, protection against inflation, or even tax advantages are some of the reasons this option may spark interest among investors. If you are or plan to invest in this area, we would be happy to support you in developing and optimizing your real estate portfolio. We assess investment properties and support you during sales and purchases. In addition, we provide you access to private placements that allow you to take advantage of exclusive offers.

Investing in shares

Would you like to purchase company shares? We support you in finding and selecting holdings, analyze your existing investment projects, or review existing offers for you. Since the opportunities and risks are greater with this type of investment, we provide you with comprehensive professional expertise, and consider the effects on your overall assets.

Our services

01. Comprehensive asset strategy

  • Asset structuring and support in implementing your asset strategy
  • Specialized expertise on all key asset classes
  • Access to exclusive investor groups
  • Preparing asset reports

02. Banks and asset administrators

  • Performance analyses
  • Benchmark comparisons
  • Selecting and controlling asset administrators
  • Handling payment processing

03. Family estates

  • Wealth succession
  • Organizing family days
  • Supporting family conferences
  • Secretarial work

04. Real estate

  • Developing and optimizing your real estate portfolio
  • Support during purchases and sales
  • Real estate valuation
  • Access to exclusive private placements

05. Participations

  • Searching for and selecting holdings
  • Analyzing existing holdings
  • Reviewing investment offers


Do you already have a firm partner, but need advice on specialized issues? We collaborate with professional colleagues at other firms as well, and are happy to consult with your experts – after all, good collaboration ensures optimal results.

Tax advisors & certified accountants

  • Coordination with your tax advisors & certified accountants


  • Collaboration with your attorneys
  • Support from an existing network on specialized issues
  • CPAAI – Recommendation association ensures answers to international questions

Our experience – Your added value

The experts of the RLT Family Office