Your family office: objective, independent and obligated only to our clients

RLT Family Office GmbH is an independent and separate Multi Family Office obligated only to uphold the interests of its clients. We have no dependencies on any third parties.

The Family Office offers experts in the area of taxation of complex assets held by private and institutional investors. A well-trained and experienced team of experts develops a suggestion for the allocation of total assets, based on the personal profit and risk preferences of the client. Then, the Family Office utilizes a network of suitable financial and service partners to implement this suggestion, notably reducing fees based on the competitive situation and discounts based on size.

As the Family Office, we represent our clients in a wide range of matters, reducing their everyday workload and creating space to focus on what is truly important.

Transparency and efficiency: professional management and structuring of assets

A client relationship with the Family Office starts on a thorough analysis of the structures of existing assets, or individual components of assets, in the course of commissioning a project or founding an ongoing client relationship. The results of the analysis provide a comprehensive basis for decision-making, while quantifying short-term and long-term opportunities and risks and allowing for individual modules to be optimized or for a realignment of the overall asset structure.

The Family Office helps clients select the right partner by organizing service provider presentations.

By regularly preparing overall asset reports, the Family Office creates the transparency clients need to remain informed and able to make decisions in the long-term, if adjustments are required.

Our services for you

We provide personal and discrete advising. Overview of our Family Office solutions.

Comprehensive asset strategy

Our goal is to work with our clients to develop and implement a comprehensive, long-term overall asset strategy that fulfills the highest quality standards. We offer deep and specialized expertise in all significant asset classes, and have access to investor groups that are not available to all investors.

Ongoing analyses and adjustments

Trust is good – ongoing controlling is better. We provide you with regular reports summarizing the development of your assets, demonstrating compliance with specified investing guidelines, and outlining costs incurred, providing an assessment of further development, and discussing any needed adjustments. We always work as partners with commissioned service providers.

Good reasons to work with us

We keep your goals in view, giving you new motivation and standing by your side.


Your goals in view

What portion of your estate is risk capital, and which serve to secure your assets? What specific needs and circumstances play a role in your case? Our experts are well-trained, and have many years of professional experience. We get to know you personally and provide you with individual support – with a fixed contact person you can trust, who represents your interests without reservation.


We provide fresh momentum

You entrust your assets to us, and we handle them faithfully. That is why we always strive to look beyond our own horizons. What added value can we create for you? What current developments will influence your decisions in the future? Based on your goals and needs, we always keep up-to-date on current developments, and create transparency and the foundation you need to make decisions.


We stand by your side

We support you with our comprehensive services, considering both your personal goals and your family circumstances. This helps us reliably reduce your everyday workload, while allowing us to moderate complex situations such as succession questions in a professional manner based on your needs. This creates security – including for future generations.

Our experience – Your added value

The experts of the RLT Family Office