Hans-Gerd Böhnke

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Hans-Gerd Böhnke

Auditor, tax advisor


Brief CV

Born 1946

Hans-Gerd Böhnke is a certified accountant and tax advisor who advises mid-sized companies in many different industries and all legal forms on all questions related to the annual financial statement and consolidated financial statement. His advising goes beyond simple preparation and auditing of annual financial statements, and also includes assisting clients in developing and implementing potential improvements to business processes. Of course, this comprehensive advising approach also includes tax and business consulting.

Hans-Gerd Böhnke has been working for RLT at the Essen headquarters for 20 years. His career in auditing and tax advising began in 1972.

Hans-Gerd Böhnke studied business administration at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Mönchengladbach. Before his degree program, he completed training as an industrial manager and an industrial internship in the area of cost accounting and performance accounting in Krefeld.

Hans-Gerd Böhnke became qualified as a tax advisor in 1979, then as a certified accountant in 1982, and has been working in private practice for 30 years.


  • Institute of Public Auditors (IDW)
  • Berlin Chamber of Auditors
  • Chamber of Tax Advisors Düsseldorf
  • Tax Consultant AssociationDüsseldorf


Phone: +49 201 245 150
Fax: +49 201 245 1550

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