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mint.alliance- Our clients benefit from a strong alliance in their international activities

RLT and mint.alliance- Our global reach

  • Scope: Alliance of currently more than 160 firms in over 80 countries — and the expertise in our core segments is available locally in each part of the world.
  • Commitment: Due to our partner Thomas Althoff's membership in its committee, we actively help shape the mint.alliance. We also participate in international events. Thus, we ensure exclusive and personal access to our local colleagues both for us and for you.
  • Decisions: Just like us, our mint.alliance cooperation partners are entrepreneurs. They assist you in efficiently operating in an unfamiliar environment, take advantage of opportunities and minimize risks.
  • Interconnection: Legally independent, the mint.alliance members and we have a joint mission to design solution in an on par approach and by involving partners.


In order to strengthen our international capability, RLT joined the mint.alliance at the end of 2005. mint.alliance is an alliance of legally independent auditing, tax and business consulting firms that was founded more than 60 years ago. It provides its members with an open knowledge transfer and communication forum. However, at the same time, all companies remain autonomous and continue to focus on the local activities and their respective client portfolio.

Admission to the mint.alliance requires evidence that generally accepted professional standards are met and the member has the required expertise. The form and content of the standards usually depends on the professional regulations and standards applicable in the respective country.

mint.alliance members assure that high quality standards are maintained by involving partners in all matters. Thus, the members primarily focus on expanding close ties with their clients based on particularly customized and personal services by a contact on site.

The conferences held on a regular basis, the discussion groups and communication forums at regional and international level led to close personal relations between like-minded members all over the world.

You, our clients, contact us as usual, knowing that, due to our commitment, we are able to ensure the top quality consulting services that you are used to also at an international level - by accurately assessing the issues and recommending suitable experts and specialists.

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