RLT Ruhrmann Tieben & Partner mbB - Historie


In a market environment, in which change is the only constant factor, increased experience and flexibility are both requirements for sustainability and the success of a company.

We grow in line with our tasks and the challenges of our clients — we have been doing so for more than 60 years. In particular family-owned small and medium-sized companies value this consistency and the experience based on which we have been providing solutions in specific matters over decades and sometimes across generations.

The history of RLT began in 1958 when Ruhr Lippe Treuhand GmbH, today RLT, was founded. The vision even upon incorporation: customized consulting services and attendance to decision-makers in family-owned small and medium-sized companies. We have been implementing this strategy in practice.

The more steadily the business volume increases, the more responsibility is shared among a larger number of staff and the range of consulting and auditing services is expanded continuously. Today, RLT has twelve partners.

Below is an overview of the most significant milestones. Join us in our journey to future milestones.

1958: Ruhr Lippe Treuhand GmbH is founded.

1996: Ralf Ruhrmann is appointed as partner.

2000: Michael Wueller is appointed as partner.

2003: Merger with Meissner & Dr. Schacht.
Incorporation of Mercatorpruefung GmbH and the Duisburg office.

2005: RLT joins the international alliance MGI .

2006: Stefan Tieben is appointed as partner.

2007: Armin Wilting is appointed as partner, and the establishment of the RLT segment IT and system review begins.

2008: Michael Westhoff, A. Bernard Winkler and Gregor Stienen are appointed as partners. The Duesseldorf office is established.

2009: Thomas Althoff – our representative at MGI – is appointed as partner at the Duisburg office and has since been the contact in all aspects of international tax law as the M. I. Tax.

2011: Thorsten Ziegemeier and Oliver Grass are appointed as partners at the offices in Duisburg and Duesseldorf.

RLT IT- und Systempruefung GmbH is incorporated. Here, Armin Wilting expands the growing RLT IT and system review segment.

Britta Gieser is appointed Managing Director of RLT Treuhand GmbH and further expands the operations of Family Office.

2012: Thomas Hagelschur and Claas-Tido Risse become partners at the Essen office.

2013: Markus Bauten becomes a partner, establishes the Berlin office and, together with Jan Seeger, expands the corporate finance solutions segment in RLT corporate finance solutions GmbH specifically incorporated for this purpose. Jan Seeger is appointed Managing Director of RLT corporate finance solutions GmbH.

2013: Markus Sellmann is appointed as partner and establishes the Cologne office. 

2015: Kirsten Felmann is appointed as partner at the Essen office.

2016: Michael Nolte is appointed as partner at the Cologne office.




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