Corporate planning

Corporate planning through transparency

We provide you with a detailed overview of the general financial situation of your company. We support you in controlling and reporting, in working capital management and in planning and cost accounting so that you, as the business owner, can make essential decisions more easily.

(Partial) handling of controlling tasks

You will have one contact person for all business development and accounting-related questions. We consider ourselves a partner to the general management, similar to a complete controller with a broad range of professional expertise, but available immediately, despite the shortage of trained experts in this area. We prepare, analyze and interpret your reporting. We provide you with ongoing support in planning and cost accounting, developing optimization measures with you. We feel right at home in the controlling and corporate management areas, take advantage of continued education and coordinate with specialists from our network as needed. This allows us to offer you complete controlling services, either as a supplement to or replacement for your own controlling (for instance, if you lack the specialists you need).

Reporting – more security for your decision-making

Reporting helps you make sound decisions, securely. Individualized reporting cycles mean you always have the data you really need. We prepare and analyze a (usually) monthly report adapted to your specific company’s situation. With deviation, trend and competitive analyses, you always know where your company currently stands. This allows you to initiate further measures based on objective knowledge.

Working capital management – making the best use of capital

Working capital management plays a key role in ensuring companies always having enough liquidity and use their capital optimally. Committed assets are made usable (liquid), since this is the only way they can work for the company. Normally, optimization of working capital starts in the accounting department. In addition to optimizing your inventories, we primarily ensure that a streamlined invoicing process and consistent dunning procedures turn finished products/services and existing receivables into cash. Optimal working capital management then involves using the liquidity that has been freed up to generate profit for the company – whether by quickly reducing liabilities (discounts!) or making investments.

Planning – acting instead of reacting

Planning allows you to actively control your company. Instead of simply reacting to situations (at a delay), a planned process pays off by ensuring you always keep the reigns of your company in hand. We work with you to develop a planning model specially tailored to your company and its competitors. The plan then comes to life when it is put into active use. Deviation analyses and forecasts allow you to help actively control the plan, so that you can act quickly and utilize opportunities promptly.

Cost accounting – profitability up, waste down

Cost accounting helps you to increase your profitability in a targeted manner. By creating transparency regarding what costs are incurred and where, cost accounting helps you make sound decisions to optimize your output. First, we work with you to define or refine your cost categories, cost centers and payer structure. Then, cost accounting can be implemented based on your specific requirements. You can then promote individual products/services in a targeted way, or reduce promotion and lower costs.

Our experience – Your added value

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