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Overview of our corporate finance services.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

With over 100 transactions, we offer broad expertise in the areas of business acquisitions and sales, acquiring or issuing company shares and business areas, management buy-outs and management buy-ins.

Business valuation

A valuation of your business may be necessary or useful for a variety of reasons, such as in a succession situation, a change of ownership, or a restructuring. We stand by you, no matter your needs.

Corporate planning

We provide you with a detailed overview of the general financial situation of your company. We support you in controlling and reporting, in working capital management and in planning and cost accounting so that you, as the business owner, can make essential decisions more easily.

Optimize your company

Extraneous costs and inefficient processes prevent healthy growth within a company. We help you identify and eliminate these factors. Our solutions for saving costs and optimizing processes can be implemented with no risk to you, and reveal areas of potential that can be utilized to improve profits – keeping your company ready to face the future.

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